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80% of songs aren't finished due to a lack of inspiration

A lot of time is spent searching for inspiration, and when it's finally found, focus is lost, and the original idea is forgotten.


2 hrs looking for sounds


It doesn't sound good


You give up

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  • Explore our exclusive collection of professional loops to enhance your music productions. Crafted by talented producers, they deliver quality and variety to elevate your compositions to the next level.
  • Explore our premium selection of one-shots for music production, featuring striking individual sounds expertly crafted. These versatile, high-quality elements are the key to easily personalize and enrich your musical creations.
  • Discover our exclusive collection of presets for Serum, meticulously crafted to elevate your productions with captivating and cutting-edge sounds. Instantly transform your compositions with high-quality presets.
  • Explore our premium selection of presets for Diva, delivering immersive and cutting-edge sonic textures. Elevate your productions with high-quality presets designed to ignite your musical creativity.

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Basic Producer

Perfect for beginners




  • RS Essential House 1
  • RS Essential Melodic Techno 1
  • RS Essential Techno 1
  • RS Essential Diva Presets 1
  • RS Essential Serum Presets 1
  • More than 8.500 sounds

Pay once. Make unlimited songs!


Advanced Producer

Everything you need to make music




  • RS Essential House 1
  • RS Essential Melodic Techno 1
  • RS Essential Techno 1
  • RS Essential Diva Presets 1
  • RS Essential Serum Presets 1
  • RS Essential Artist Presets 1
  • More than 10.000 sounds
  • Lifetime updates
  • Support 24/7

Pay once. Make unlimited songs!


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Don't waste time searching through thousands of plugins, samples, and presets. With Radikal Sounds, you have everything you need to produce music.



Over 10,000 premium samples, presets, and sounds for producing, mixing, and mastering.

RS EH Beat 03
RS EH Beat 06
RS EMT Acid 01
RS EMT Beat 07
RS PH Shaker 11
RS EMT Hihat Loop 13
RS Techno Beat 23
RS EMT Beat 24

36 producers are making songs!

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  • I've been using the samples for a while now and it's been a game changer. It's a great way to save time and focus on the important stuff. I highly recommend it! 🚀

    Daniel Buendía
    Daniel Buendía's testimonial for Radikal Sounds
  • The best samples I've ever used, I could make a song in less than 3 hours! It's crazy how these samples can help you to speed up your workflow.

    Granada's testimonial for Radikal Sounds
  • I can finally find the sounds I was looking for. It's a great way to get inspired and get your ideas down quickly. I'm loving it!

    Matt Sandoval
    Matt Sandoval's testimonial for Radikal Sounds


Frequently Asked Questions

  • After completing the payment for any of our services, you will receive an email that includes a link to a file on Google Drive for download. Please note that this process may take between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the necessary validation.
  • The specific content of each sample pack may vary based on the product and theme. However, in general, a sample pack will include a variety of sound samples, loops, one-shots, and possibly MIDI files. These elements are designed to provide music producers with a wide range of resources for music creation and production, covering different instruments, genres, and styles. It is recommended to review the detailed description of each sample pack for specific information about its exact content.
  • Pro packs usually offer additional features and premium content compared to standard packs. These improvements may include: 1. More samples: Pro packs tend to offer a wider and more extensive variety of samples, providing producers with an extensive range of creative options. 2. Improved audio quality: Samples in Pro packs are often recorded and processed with greater attention to detail, resulting in superior audio quality. 3. Additional virtual instruments: Some Pro sample packs may include high-quality virtual instruments that go beyond simple sound samples, allowing for greater customization and musical expression. 4. Exclusive resources: You can find exclusive samples and loops that are not available in standard packs, giving you access to unique content. 5. Additional content such as tutorials and presets: Some Pro packs may include tutorials, presets for virtual instruments, and other educational resources to help producers maximize their creativity and productivity.
  • The samples have been crafted through a meticulous process involving the careful creation of high-quality sounds and the application of specialized sampling techniques. Our team of expert producers works diligently to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of each sample, ensuring an exceptional standard in the final product's quality.
  • Perfect, contact us by email. We are here to help you.